Friends of the Point

signfnlCalling all alumni of Presbytery Point Camp!!  Were you a camper in your youth?  Did your family come to family camp led by Barney Roepke, Dave Henderson, Clayton Parcels,        fill in the blank       (or any of our awesome family camps)?  Did you spend a summer cooking yummy food for our campers, or take the kids on canoe trips down the Michigamme or Brule Rivers?  Were you a hammer-toting, paintbrush carrying volunteer at work camp?  Did you guard the waterfront, keeping campers safe as they enjoyed a swim to Alcatraz?  Did your team rule for two seasons in a row playing Braveheart–Capture the Flag?  Did you worship during evening vespers at the Point while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation as the sun set over Lake Michigamme?    Were you the leader of songs at the campfire (when all the animals went by twosies-twosies into the ark-y ark-y?).   Do you remember the amazing view from the top of Mt. Baldy or the taste of marshmallows toasted over the fire at the Outpost Camp?

Welcome dear Friends of the Point!  Everyone who has a connection to The Point is wanted and needed to help us continue this amazing outdoor camping ministry!  Email (or snail mail) us your contact information so we can keep you updated with Good News from Presbytery Point, a brief newsletter.  And remember, there are many ways you can be a Friend…

  • Volunteer at summer camp as a counselor aide, music leader, camp nurse, maintenance helper, sailboat and/or canoe instructor, kitchen assistant, office helper, outdoor activity leader, etc.
  • Volunteer in the off-season for retreats as a program leader, cook, maintenance helper, indoor and outdoor activities leader.
  • Come to Spring and/or Fall Work Camp.  Help us get projects done, open and close the seasonal buildings at camp, enjoy the fellowship of working side by side!
  • Support our programs through gifts to the Adopt A Cabin fund, the Bill Bennett Memorial Camper Scholarship Fund, the Winifred Best Camper Scholarship Fund, to the General Fund or to help with special building projects at hand.
  • Encourage your congregation to support the camp by getting involved in mission trips, work camp, youth retreats, promoting the camp to youth and families, and sharing their talents with our campers.

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